What could be more important or interesting than you?

This week’s meditation was a big deal for me, because it is the beginning of year 2 of teaching weekly meditations. Episode 53.

With a hope that Carrie 2.0 has learned from the first 52 experiences and is now new and improved.

So no pressure.

Episode 53 introduced my so far all time favorite instruction. After getting tangled up in some cueing, I heard myself calmly say “do what you know is right, not what I say.”

You see, Carrie 2.0.

Such a brilliant mantra for life.

Meditation can be an incredible tool for connecting with early life experiences. For allowing who we are to observe who we were.

I can’t go into detail about the specifics, because if you are reading this and may decide to try the meditation, your mind would not be able to resist starting to think about it now.

Pre-planning interferes with the practice of allowing something to come to mind.

Doing the meditation opens a window into the childhood experience that came to mind. The moment the meditation ends, the window begins close.

I heard myself assign homework during our post-meditation conversation:  You can re-activate and grow your portkey to the experience by revisiting it throughout the week.

If you decide to do the meditation, I am always interested in hearing about your experience and your suggestions.