What is finding your way like for you?

Do you have a perfect sense of direction, easily knowing where you are and which way to turn?

Do you pay little attention to where you are, feeling lost in space when you’re deciding which way to go?

Each of us has our own unique, deeply personal approach to what to do when we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory. 

Scientists who study “wayfinding” explain that “emotional appraisal of navigation options” is part of the process.

Your brain relays its current interpretation of each different navigation option to your gut. 

[Brain to gut: “Here’s one possible way to go, what’s your sense of it?”]

Your gut responds by doing quick little gut things like contracting or secreting, cramping, sending a whiff of nausea, perhaps fluttering.

These signals get sent back to the brain, essentially the gut’s commentary on that navigation option.

These exchanges happen very quickly.  Without your awareness.

And all of the rest of being alive is happening at the same time.

It’s fun that science confirms the existence of a mechanism for gut feelings.

If you are able to listen carefully, if you know what you are listening for, perhaps you will become aware of a “gut feeling” about which way to go.

Yoga Philosophy has a lot to say about fine tuning your attention, learning to see past your patterning so it doesn’t get in the way, and understanding what to listen for.

In the Finding Your Way meditation, you explore your own personal experiences with what finding your way feels like for you.

I am always interested in hearing about your experience.