“Just allow” a teacher from your past to come to mind.

Passing a drive-by middle school graduation inspired this week’s meditation.

A mile-long line of cars packed with students and balloons drove slowly by the teachers who were waving and cheering outside of the school.

Here is my guidance at the beginning of the meditation:

It’s graduation season here in San Francisco. The teacher gets to see each of her students walk or drive by. We’re going to turn that around and reflect on the teachers from your past, starting with almost a slide show. So just allow a teacher you’ve had in the past to come to mind.

Notice what you notice, and once you’ve noticed something about that teacher, allow another teacher to come to mind.

Notice something about them and just continue to shift among teachers at your own pace, allowing one to come to mind, noticing and then shifting.

How is doing this in a meditation different from making a list of all of the teachers you remember?

Part of the process of meditation involves operating our minds in more intentional ways.

For example, the language “allow ___ to come to mind” is central to the magic.

The mind typically believes it is driving, running the show.

“Allowing” a teacher to come to mind is different than “trying to think of” a teacher. You are using your mind in a slightly different way. Waiting and watching to see what shows up rather than grasping for it.

The mind behaves a bit more like a passenger than a driver.

And in doing so, other aspects of your human system get to have more influence in what shows up.

Where does what shows up come from? It’s a little like watching a movie, but you’re also making the movie.

The mind is always in flux. So even when you are trying to use your mind as an observer, there will be a lot of shifting between passenger and driver.

Also, this particular example was a very early step in the meditation. Before movement and breathing steps helped prepare the mind to be more directable.

(I had my reasons.)

The mind is such a fascinating thing to watch.

If you decide to do the meditation, I am always interested in hearing about your experience.