Be playful and curious. Grow awareness. Learn to listen to deep parts of your self.  Use your mind in a different way.

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What People Are Saying

“I feel like you’re taking us on a journey.”


Freelance Photographer

I have experienced these meditations and I find them great for beginners, as they keep you engaged. Also great for experienced meditators because it creates such a deep link with things that change the way we look at the world. Carrie does a wonderful job setting up the right environment for the experience.”



“I have been doing weekly Deep Experience Meditations for several months and have loved all the places they have taken me—from being a great blue heron to feeling a glowing ball of love expanding inside me, then bursting outward.  From soaring like an eagle to watching a slideshow of gratitude inside of me.  This is so different than other meditation.  It’s steeped in Carrie’s 8 years of yoga and meditation study and practice, and what comes out is a Wild adventure inside.  Each time something different and lovely.”


Speaker, Wilderness Guide

Here's what you'll need:

Your imagination, a sense of curiousity, and kindness toward youself.

Operate "Your Vehicle" Responsibly

If an instruction does not feel comfortable, adapt it or just don’t do it.

This applies to your body and your mind.

When you do a Deep Meditation Experience are practicing "checking in" with your self.

You focus your attention on how your body, breath, and feelings are doing, throughout the experience.

Your Experience is Unique to You

What shows up each time you follow the guided steps depends on how you are doing at the moment, what’s going on in your life, and your past experiences.

When you do a deep experience meditation…

You get to know yourself better.

You take time to check in with how you’re doing.

And you observe what shows up for you in the meditation.

Each meditation uses a different meditation object that helps transport you to an experience.

What happens in the meditation comes from you.

Each deep experience meditation is a series of steps.

Here is an example of the first four steps from the Peaceful Feeling meditation. 


  • You begin seated comfortably with your eyes closed and check in with how you (your body, breath, and mind) are doing.
  • Steps 2 and 3 you are standing and doing gentle movements, synchronized with your breath.
  • Then in step 4 you are seated again, as you call to mind a peaceful feeling.

Here are some of the aspects of you that influence what happens for you when you do a deep experience meditation.

These Deep Experience Meditations are available now.

(Follow the links below to rent or buy any of these individual meditations or go to the site and subscribe to unlimited monthly streaming.)

Peaceful Feeling Seeds (20:45, Seated and Standing) – Cultivate a peaceful feeling.

Daylight (23:14, Seated and Standing) – Deeply experience daylight.

The Right Conditions to Grow (25:04, Seated) – When a seed finds the right conditions, it grows.

Soothing Waterfall (24:20, Seated) – Interact with a soothing waterfall.

Childhood Activity You Loved (20:02, Seated, Prone) – Allow an activity you loved to do when you were young come to mind. Then connect with how you felt.

Wild Flowers (19:42, Seated and Standing) – A wild flower is any flower that was not planted by a person. Connect with unplanned flowers in your life.

Going with the Flow (23:55, Seated and Standing) – Connect with a waterfall and playfully explore what it feels like to “go with the flow.”

Blue Heron Technique (21:34, Seated and Standing) – Blue Herons watch in stillness for what they are searching for to show up. Join the heron as you observe their technique.

The Strength of an Elephant (25:38, Seated and Standing) – Playfully experience the strength of an elephant and reflect on the idea of strength.

The Essential Nature of a Large Tree (21:28, Seated and Standing) – This experience is very personal. You begin by calling to mind a large tree either from your life or an imaginary tree. What shows up comes from you.

Ball of Golden Light (20:28, Seated) –Connect with and expand your inner golden light. Give it a try, even if you’ve never done a meditation like this. “Oh that’s interesting” is a fine observation, whether your light is golden or purple, ping pong ball or orb size.

Room for Cream (23:03, Lying) Saving room for cream is a nice metaphor for life. Connect with the feeling of having a little extra space for something delicious.

A Cup of Kindness (19:42, Seated) – Imagine you are holding a cup filled with kindness as you increase kindness within and around you.

A Sense of Your Self (18:47, Seated and Standing) – Connect with a general sense of your self. A feeling, not a description or an evaluation. 

Soaring (18:15, Seated and Standing) Soar like an eagle or just have a sense of soaring. Discover where it takes you and how you feel. 

Harmony (19:38, Seated and Standing) Sometimes we are struck by an amazing sense of harmony – of different things fitting together just right. Connect with a memory of harmony in your life. 

Mountain of Support (19:50, Lying) Have the sense that you are lying on a flat rock near the top of a mountain. Feel supported by the mountain. Bring that support where you need it.

Rain Shower (24:25 Seated and Standing) Rain showers clean the air and whatever else they touch. In this meditation you imagine a metaphoric rain shower and then invite it to wash away tensions or residue in your human system.

New meditations are added every month.

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Ways to enjoy Deep Experience meditations:

We hope Deep Experience meditations are interesting and enjoyable explorations. 

Be sure to pay attention to what feels comfortable to your body and mind.  If any instruction is not comfortable, don’t do it.